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Dinner attires

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Dinner outfit

End of session comes with a lot of activities, some meaningful most not meaningless but not so meaningful either.
So when it was time for my faculty dinner I was thrilled at first until reality hit me like a wrecking ball: dinner is EXPENSIVE. I didn’t want to use all my life savings to look good for dinner so I made a budget for everything dinner.
I did a lot of browsing on dinner clothes and they were frigging expensive plus I couldn’t make up my mind on what I wanted. Finally I stumbled on styletemple (check her out on instagram)  and all my problems were solved. I decided to go with a  jumpsuit (picture above).
Jumpsuit was tailor made and it cost 3500 naira for both material and sowing, which is way cheaper than online stores. I paired it with black peep toe heels and a big clutch purse, my wristwatch was a chain wristwatch and earrings a dangling black earring.

Make sure your dinner cloth matches with accessories you previously own so you don’t rob a bank.
Keep your make up simple (not as poor as mine sha) and classy, it’s a dinner not a masquerade ball.
You can do affordably classy: don’t wear overly short and really tight gowns, sister you are not going to a club.
You can wear flats if you don’t do heels but the flats have to be really beautiful
The most important tip is to be CONFIDENT. Be confident in what ever you are wearing. Confidence is the best outfit you can ever have.
XOXO brownies.


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The beginnings

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I am a fashion lover, everything fashion and obsessed with fashion blogs. This blog came as my own rebellious way of saying you don’t need to rob a bank to be fashionable. You don’t have to wear the 200 dollars Zara shoes or the 2015 spring collection to be a fashionista. Being a fashionista is about how you put the little pieces you have together to make something fabulous.
So join me as we explore the world of frugal fashion.